How do I check new comments???

2012-10-28 15:08:13 by TariC

He everybody,

Is there some way to see all comments on my pics at once, means that I don't have to check each pic one by one? That's o annoying.

Anyway, I finished tidying up my gallery a bit, uploading my pictures and so on.

I also went into Sprite alteration, in case you are intersted, go here.
Newgrounds won't let me upload them :/

Love and kisses,
Tari <3


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2012-10-28 16:08:48

Click on your 'Project System' icon (two over from your inbox, the one with the P on it) ...on the left, under "Project Stats' it says 'You have ## art reviews'. Click that number and you should see all your reviews in the order they were made (newest at the top).

TariC responds:

Thanks for the respont, but I really can't find anything, that say "stats" there. Maybe that only goes for games, vids and audios (since art is not even listed there) :/


2012-10-29 00:30:50

It should include everything... here's a screen cap: 8ae6896ab180806bf2bf36
(you might have to delete spaces to get it to work)

TariC responds:

Nope, looks a bit different on my ycreen:


2012-10-29 19:31:19

Hmm... turns out it's a site bug. Info has been passed on... not sure how long it'll take to fix though.

Try going to
...that's where that number would link to if you could see it.

TariC responds:

Thank you very much for the support.