Entry #5

Ask Buttercheese!

2012-11-27 19:44:34 by TariC

Hi everypony :D

I started an ask blog for my ponysona Buttercheese: http://taritoons.blogspot.de/search/label/Ask%20 Buttercheese


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2012-11-28 00:21:03

Hmm, last question was writing fanfiction... If you can find a script to a TV show you like, reading that would help in creating something similar. Not many shows accept spec scripts, but it's worth a try! Star Trek used to, but (thankfully) no more.

TariC responds:

Thanks for you advise, but I try to be good at som many things, so it's ok, if I leave one thing behind ;) Better concentrate on the things that are actually fun to me :D